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Month two ended...how I did...

June 4th, 2012 at 11:16 am

So...started this blog 2 months ago...so here is the number check in...

Debt decreased...$2.53 this month...yes...not the best month...but since my goal was to just not add to the debt this month...I feel pretty good...this was a pricey month with 2 trips, hotels, extra gas, new tires etc...so it was hard, and I had to up a payment $25 just to get to the small decrease...but it is worth it to me to do it...

So all in all since I joined April 2nd...my debt has decreased $979.31 and I am proud of that...I am hoping to have a much better decrease this coming month, as it should be a more normal month!

One of my credit cards was compromised this week...so they had to cancel it and issue a new one...such a hassle! More incentive to not have these things hanging over my head...though I do use a couple cards with rewards for monthly expenses that are paid off each month...so I can't see ever not using a credit card...

I also think I have made some decisions...I transferred a balance this past month...from the card that had the highest balance and interest rate...I moved it to my lowest rate card...of course I now have 0% interest rate offers on both those cards...so as much as it stinks...I plan to transfer back the entire balance...0% until Aug 2013...and then transfer the other 3 cards carrying a balance to the other card so that all my balances are sitting at 0% interest...yes, I will eat the transfer fee...but that is ONCE...and then all my payments will be decreasing the principal...so my husband and I have discussed it and it seems the best option right now...

So I feel good having started to tackle this monkey I have carried for a long time...

Here is to another good month!

Tough month as expected!

May 25th, 2012 at 01:15 pm

Well...this month has been tough as expected...with the wedding late last month, and my niece's graduation this month, it has been hard fitting in those extra's...while creating no new debt!

I have been keeping close eyes on things...we got our state income tax refund, and it went into a home repair fund, as our deck posts are warping, and will need to be replaced (new discovery of ours this month sadly)...the refund was not much, but it helps.

I am going to be getting off my rear and selling some things on resale sites this week...been putting it off, but I need to get things listed and sold...in order to break even and meet my no new debt goal...right now I am about $400 from that...so we will see what we can do with sales!

Anyways...I know it has been a while since I posted...but I am still here...just busy at work, and still sticking to the debt monkey getting GONE as soon as possible!

Here is hoping by my post at the end of next week and the end of my 2nd month, I have good news to report!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone...

First month update...how did I do??

May 2nd, 2012 at 10:21 am

Ok...so last month is when I decided to fully confront reality and address the debt monkey I have carried around for a very long time...

Just sat down and looked at all my balances...and I decreased my debt by $976.78 this month...not bad at all! Actually I am very pleased with this!

I know this month is going to be the hard month...we have a credit card we use for all monthly expenses and pay it off every month...and our monthly expenses are higher this month due to the trip for the wedding etc, new tires, etc. So realistically, if I can post next month with a decrease in debt of even just a little...I will be pleased! I know my focus is on not adding to the debt first and foremost...and this is just a very pricey month and a half for us!

My husband is away on a work trip...and while work pays for the trip and expenses, he does need some spending money etc...so that is additional out of pocket money even though it is not a huge amount that he took.

Next weekend we have an out of town trip for my niece's high school graduation...

So I will be glad when these little hits stop...it is a lot within one month for us...so if I can just keep the focus on not adding to the debt for my May goal, I will be happy...if it decreases any, I will be thrilled...but just not adding to it will be ok for me too considering everything!

Anyways...I am very pleased and glad I found this site...it does keep me accountable to myself and to this goal!

Trip #1 is done...assessing the damage...

April 24th, 2012 at 02:22 pm

So...been a little over a week since I last posted...

We left town last Wednesday morning to travel across several states to go to my brother-in-law's wedding. We did try to eat cheaper while traveling, but did have a nice meal out at the end of each long day of travel there and back. And we ate out the entire time we were there...but we were treated one meal by my mother in law...and we treated one meal (to avoid the family squabbles that occur) and then we had to meals for the rehearsal and wedding that were included...so yea, food is the biggest cost of this wedding trip! So still assessing the damage.

Good points...our VW Jetta TDI (diesel) gets fantastic gas mileage...so that helps and makes it so we can avoid the high cost states....

My Mom stayed at the house to house sit and critter sit...so we saved a BUNDLE there...

We house sat and critter sat for my brother in law and new wife...so we avoided 3 nights of hotel costs other family members had to incur...so YAY for being the animal crazy members of the family and getting asked!

All in all, it was a good trip, and I think we did well. I think it will take a hit on our debt repayment, but we should still see a decrease this month when we get to the end of the month...

And we were able to be a big part of a special weekend and the joining of a newly married couple...and that is priceless.

Trying to stay the course...

April 16th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

So...2 weeks into this...and trying to stay the course...it is getting harder...but I knew it would.

My busy time at work is about to end, but we leave immediately for a trip several states away for a family wedding. So this is going to be tricky to stay on budget, though we should only have one night in a hotel since we have been elected to be the "pet keepers" out of the family so we get to stay with the soon to be married couple! I can feed some kitties and walk a pup to keep from shelling out hundreds to a hotel over this long weekend!

Good points for last week...I did use $150 in gift cards towards new tires for my husband's car last week...and he found the best place to get them, so they were $700 versus $800...so basically, $550 out of pocket.

I managed to save my daily iced tea money 4 out of 6 days...so not perfect, but better.

I had to buy some heartworm meds for the doggies, but there is a $5 rebate, since I bought a year supply (which with 2 pups ends up only being a 6 month supply) so the rebate is in the mail...these rebates etc is what I have been using to add to savings...little here, little there, it adds up!

I am still working at getting a budget together and through all these conversations with my husband, I found out he forgot to pay a couple utility bills, so that is extra out of the account this month, and things I am going to keep track of so that does not happen again! And once we have a budget and a calendar laying out due dates, we will be able to check bills off easier!

But all in all, I feel better then I did 2 weeks ago. My head is not in the sand, and I am figuring a way to get the debt monkey gone...just will not happen soon enough for me, but every month the debt goes down is a good month! And so that is my goal this month, even with this wedding trip etc...to see the debt go down when I post the beginning of May!

Anyways, just had not posted and felt the need to pop in and say I am still here!