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Trying to stay the course...

April 16th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

So...2 weeks into this...and trying to stay the course...it is getting harder...but I knew it would.

My busy time at work is about to end, but we leave immediately for a trip several states away for a family wedding. So this is going to be tricky to stay on budget, though we should only have one night in a hotel since we have been elected to be the "pet keepers" out of the family so we get to stay with the soon to be married couple! I can feed some kitties and walk a pup to keep from shelling out hundreds to a hotel over this long weekend!

Good points for last week...I did use $150 in gift cards towards new tires for my husband's car last week...and he found the best place to get them, so they were $700 versus $800...so basically, $550 out of pocket.

I managed to save my daily iced tea money 4 out of 6 days...so not perfect, but better.

I had to buy some heartworm meds for the doggies, but there is a $5 rebate, since I bought a year supply (which with 2 pups ends up only being a 6 month supply) so the rebate is in the mail...these rebates etc is what I have been using to add to savings...little here, little there, it adds up!

I am still working at getting a budget together and through all these conversations with my husband, I found out he forgot to pay a couple utility bills, so that is extra out of the account this month, and things I am going to keep track of so that does not happen again! And once we have a budget and a calendar laying out due dates, we will be able to check bills off easier!

But all in all, I feel better then I did 2 weeks ago. My head is not in the sand, and I am figuring a way to get the debt monkey gone...just will not happen soon enough for me, but every month the debt goes down is a good month! And so that is my goal this month, even with this wedding trip etc...to see the debt go down when I post the beginning of May!

Anyways, just had not posted and felt the need to pop in and say I am still here!

4 Responses to “Trying to stay the course...”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good to see you back, your awareness level has jumped up and you've done well for your 1st two weeks. It's true, life get in the way of the best intentions but you've found a way to reduce the cost of new tires and your plan to be the 'pet keeper' takes one expensive aspect away from the trip.

    Even if your trip in May causes some unexpected expenses, don't let that upset or move you off your goal, we all have set backs. I know you can smack down the debt and stick with your plan.

  2. Shiela Says:

    keep at it, the reward will come soon enough.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    One of the things that really helped me in the beginning was to post daily. You have a good attitude about being happy if the debt goes down from month to month. It's baby steps at first, but I always say baby steps still take you forward.

  4. Jerry Says:

    It is great that you are getting the dog's medicines for such a low amount... especially when there is no health insurance for the pets to lead the prices down! Nice going.

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